Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Flash Point Tester

Sometime some error being detected done by operator or labs technician. Their hurried testing has taken all their reliable precautions.

The PMA-4 flash point tester from Petrolab Co. is suited for determining Pensky-Martens (ASTM D93) flash point automatically, eliminating operator bias. The a flame thermo-detector above the test cup. In addition, the time interval between two consecutive flash point tests is reduced to a minimum with the multi-function head. The instrument may be used with a 7- or 70-mL sample size and is available with a 12-position test cup sample changer, saving time and money.

Also available, the CLA 4 Cleveland open-cup tester is a fully automatic digital tester for ASTM D92 flash and fire point analysis of liquids, as well as highly viscous or solid samples measuring flashpoint in the range of 60 to 400 C.

The TAG-4 flash point tester is specialized for automatic low-temperature flash point determination according to ASTM D56. The user simply types in the expected flash point temperature and presses the “run” button. The instrument has an operating temperature range of -20 to 93 C (-4 to 200 F).

AMETEK Petrolab

7A Harriman Campus Road, Suite 310
Albany NY 12206
Phone: 518-689-0222

Cell Disrupter and Grinder

This small-sample cell disrupter and grinder is suited for screening milligram quantities of tissue and micro-organisms, the ยต-MiniBeadbeater from BioSpec Products efficiently and safely disrupts spores, bacteria, yeast, plant and animal tissue. This compact machine uses the same high-energy homogenization process as its predecessors.

A micro vial is loaded with a large number of tiny ceramic beads, and the contents are violently shaken for 1 to 3 min to achieve +95% cell disruption. The vials and beads are disposable, making the method suitable for PAGE, PCR and probe applications where cross contamination between samples cannot be tolerated. The cell disrupter and grinder is also compatible with phenol, Gu-SCN or various commercial kit solutions. RNA/DNA is recovered quickly in the highest possible yields by doing the cell disruption and nucleic acid extraction simultaneously. Extraction in organic solvents or dry- or cryo-grinding is also possible.

BioSpec Products, Inc.
P.O. Box 788
Bartlesville OK 74005
Phone: 918-336-3363
Fax: 918-336-6060
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